Textbook: Gay & Lesbian Historical Fiction




The first extensive study of gay and lesbian historical fiction, this book demonstrates how the highly popular sub-genre helps us understand gay and lesbian history. It shows not only why the sub-genre should be taken more seriously by historians but also how it implicitly works to ameliorate divisions between Christianity and homosexuality.


Can We Talk?
Spot the Homo: Definitions
Revisionist Histories from Mysterious Hauntings
Coming-Out Stories as Conversion Narratives
Chosen Communities: Familiar Stories from Strange Bedfellows
Romancing the Past: The Uses of Identification

Author Biographies

NORMAN W. JONES is Assistant Professor of English at The Ohio State University, USA.

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2 Responses

  1. This looks fascinating! Particularly the bit about historical fic working to ameliorate the gap between homosexuality and Christianity, as that’s a big theme for me, being a Christian and a writer of gay romance myself. I only wish it wasn’t so pricey!

  2. Bloody disgusting price. Textbooks have a reputation of being expensive here – however I shall haunt Amazon when it comes out and wait for the day when a second hand copy is nice and cheap….

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