Review: The Prince and Him by Kendal Nite

A prince has to marry and searches for his true love

Review by Erastes

It’s an interesting and novel idea, a bedtime story for children done in traditional language and with brightly coloured illustrations but it falls short of its desire in several aspects, sadly.

It’s too simplisitc and short. Rather than being the sort of book that you could read (over and over) to a child in bed, the level of literacy/listening required is more of the level of those cloth books you used to give to children to give them a love of holding a book without ripping it to shreds.

It’s a shame because the story could have had potential, but even young children need some sort of conflict.  I didn’t want the conflict to come from the parents of the the Prince and indeed, quite correctly, it does not. They are happy their son is happy no matter who he brought home, and that’s great, but the Prince doesn’t do anything to win his young man, he simply wanders around the kingdom kissing maidens until he spots the young man in a pond.

I’d have much preferred to see something along the lines of the classic fairy stories, where there’s a quest of some kind, like the Tale of the Devil and the Three Golden Hairs. Perhaps that would give the wrong message though, that you have to earn your male marriage, but I don’t think it would – it would simply say what classic fairy tales have been saying for hundreds of years that anything worth winning is worth fighting for.

I have the impression that Kendal Nite’s first language isn’t English as the blurb on Lulu and Amazon has a grammatical error and the first page of the book has as well. Proof, if it were even needed, that everyone needs an editor, even if your book is only 13 pages long.

I bought directly from Lulu and the packaging was ludicrous. The item could have been put cardboard envelope and the box was bigger than my dvd player, consequently the total cost was $19.98, and at 13 pages it was possibly one of the most expensive books I’ve ever bought.

The illustrations are charming, in a naive way, and brightly done and will probably appeal to children, but overall I think it is pitched at too low a level. Good idea but could do better. It got 4 stars for the idea, but lost 2 for text errors, nil plot, world-killing packaging and an over inflated price.

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4 Responses

  1. I was a little bit curious about this book. Amazon (or its software) had suggested the book to me based on my past reading, but I worked out the price just as you did to something like $1.50 per page! Eeek! I remember feeling sorry for the author because it’s just not going to sell at that kind of price inflation (and this may be due to publishing cost and not really the author’s fault).
    Thank you for a good and thorough review.

  2. Interestingly enough, most childrens books require large print runs (1000 or more) to keep the price competitive. Print on demand, as Lulu definitely is, cannot print casewrap, full color books one at a time at a reasonable price.

  3. Sorry about the price of the book. As the book is self published it has left little room for pricing.

    I wanted it on the market for 99 cents.

    It was to give a simplistic and easy to follow story.

  4. I think the book is brilliant and can be read to a preschooler over and over. They get it. Which is wonderful because there is no other book out there like this for them. They totally understand and they love the pictures. Brilliant job please produce another one.

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