Review: Inkman’s Work by Steve Berman

Young Radford never thought he’d end up a pirate. Shanghai’d, he finds himself cursing the company he kept onboard the Alecto.

Wounded during a raid against a Dutch vessel, Radford is marooned on an island with a mysterious French tattoo artist referred by pirates as the Inkman. Can this man, wise in ways of the heart as well as the flesh, find the means to heal all that ails a lonely Radford?

Review by Erastes

Secretive Steve!  I had no idea that he’d written a gay historical, and only found it because Elisa Rolle showcased it on her blog. It was a very pleasant surprise as I like Steve’s writing a lot.

This didn’t disappoint. It’s a little jewel of a story–no set time mentioned, but there are pirates so we can assume 17th century or thereabouts, but really it doesn’t matter. It’s the story of Radford, who was kidnapped in Cornwall by a drinking companion and pressed aboard ship. His ship gets into a fight with the Dutch and he’s wounded. The Captain doesn’t want to take him any further–convinced he’ll die–so he leaves him on an island with “Inkman” an enigmatic tattoo artist.

It’s hard to do a review on such a short story without spoiling, so this will be a short review!  In such a little tale, Berman manages to write several believable characters, some intriguing backstory, and a deeply erotic, but not graphic sexual encounter. Oh and an ending that leaves you panting for more.  My favourite character is the Inkman, and I for one had itchy fingers at the end of it it wanting to write fanfic about him. Bravo and Yo ho ho!

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