Review: Barbarian Tales:The Inheritance by Sabb

This is the story of how Hilaron was in danger of losing his life to his evil father s greed. And how Konan, perhaps with the gods help, arrived at his farmhouse on the very day that help was most needed.

Konan, the Great Barbarian, is legendary throughout the ancient world for his huge size, his strength and his appetites. He is a famed lover of men, taking them wildly and often and in his wild, free, wanderings and adventures he finds many men who have longed to meet him, and know him fully. But there are also men he meets who have whatever magic it is that makes Konan want them dangerously too. And none of them are ever the same again once they have been taken and filled by what the great barbarian has to offer.

And one of the men who had the magic to make Konan want him was Hilaron the young man who he met on the day he was to come into his inheritance and become the master of a fine estate.

ebook – novella

Review by Erastes

I’m afraid that I was immediately put off that the author couldn’t find a more original name for the barbarian–I mean, Konan? There’s no set time and place to the tale other than “there’s a barbarian calls at a farm.” There is mention of someone called The Great Mongol, who could be Genghiz Khan, could be Akbar the Great.

It’s rather more porn than anything else, to be honest. There’s a thin plot which intersperses the sex scenes – and the sex itself stilted, graphic and frankly laughable at times such as when Konan’s tongue is described as being as long as a sword.

There’s a different POV with each chapter, the son, the father, the guests, the servants which all gets a bit confusing and there’s a hefty sex scene in each chapter as everyone is homosexual and happy to have sex with just about anyone.

Historically I couldn’t warm to it, at all–and the the sex wasn’t to my taste either. You can find the same level as this on any porn fiction site. The title implies there might be a sequel. I hope not.

I’m not sure who Sabb is, I couldn’t find a website and had not heard of him before – this is all I could find, which is obviously a spoof!

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