Ten Things I Am Thankful For This Holiday Season (In No Particular Order)



Ten Things I Am Thankful For This Holiday Season (In No Particular Order)

Clean slates

Around the holidays we start to think about saying goodbye to the old year and hello to the new. The New Year ushers in clean slates—an opportunity for us to change, add positive elements to our lives or remove negative energy that surrounds us daily. What if we lived in a country where any type of change was forbidden and you could never wipe the slate clean?

I’m thankful for clean slates.

Little things

Unspeakable tragedy lurks all around us; a teen beaten to death in New York, a horrific hate crime in Pennsylvania, the shooting of a priest in a small town. Big things. And then I realize how truly fragile life is. I have a place to live, cars that run, heat, and electricity—little things we take for granted.

I’m thankful for little things.


Groaning Tables

My cupboards are full and so is my refrigerator. During the holidays my table groans with platters of food, laughter of children and smiles from elderly members of our family. Did you know that one out of eight children in the US go to bed hungry?

I’m thankful for groaning tables.

Sweet Visits

I love that my children still like to hang out with me, truly want my company. Tell your children you love them every time you share a sweet visit, hug them, let them know how blessed you are they were sent to journey through life with you.

I am thankful for sweet visits.

Meows and Barks

Cats have saved owners from burning buildings, dogs have rescued drowning children. Your pet in most cases will always choose you over anyone else in the world. Your furry friend gives you unconditional love, friendship, and loyalty. Give it back and you’ll never be sorry.

I am thankful for meows and barks.

The joy of writing

I’m horrible at math, not very good at biology or science either. But someone gave me a gift I’m sure I’m not worthy of. If you open a dictionary and choose a word, 90 percent of the time I can tell you the meaning. One thing I can always count on is the ability to string words together. I’m gonna ride this one out for as long and as far as it will take me.

I am thankful for the joy of writing.

Random acts of kindness

A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual. There will generally be no reason other than to make people smile, or be happy. An oft-cited example of a random act of kindness is stopping to help someone who’s out of fuel or has a flat tire. You can’t leave your name and you refuse to accept money in exchange for your assistance. You merely stopped to help because help was needed. We shouldn’t help people based on merit, but on need.

I am thankful for random acts of kindness.


4,355 US soldiers have died in the Iraq war and 909 in Afghanistan. We must all realize that giving one’s life is the ultimate sacrifice. These heroic men and women have lost everything. This Holiday Season, thank them/pray for them for surrendering all they ever were or could ever hope to be to ensure our freedom.

I am thankful for freedom.

Friends and family

I saved the best for last. I’ve made wonderful friends over the years and have been blessed with the most awesome family. At Christmas and every day of the year I’ll remember to be thankful for friends and family. Remember, family and friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there for you.

I am thankful for friends and family.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Blessed Holidays to you and yours, Keta Diablo

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11 Responses

  1. Lovely expressions of gratitude, Keta. I’m especially glad you mentioned animals. My life would’ve been empty without them.

    I’ll add the joy of reading to the joy of writing. And, finally, I’ll add the earth itself. This is a singularly beautiful and awe-inspiring planet on which we dwell, and it’s tragic we’ve been such lousy stewards.

    I’m a little dubious about cleaning my slate, though. The marks have sunk into the stone. 😉

  2. Amen to all that. The little things, the little joys and acts of kindness, they add up to an awful lot.

    May you have a truly blessed Christmas and New year.


  3. I’m thankful for the Internet. Without it, I never would have met such wonderful, intelligent, fascinating people from all over the world!

  4. Thank you, Keta! And everyone else who is contributing their time and energy into making a wonderful, memorable Advent Calendar this year. It’s been a pleasure so far, and I’m sure it will continue to be.

  5. Keta –

    Wonderful words!

    I wish I had your positive attitude during the holidays.

    Please don’t get me wrong – I am normally a very upbeat, thankful person the rest of the year.

    But once mid-November comes around, every year it is a fighting battle to remain strong and not give in to depression. (Being BP/MD doesn’t help, but at least being on medication, I do better than without.)

    My biggest pain is the memories – all the holidays were so much like a Currier and Ives event!

    I grew up in a LARGE (yet older) family, so the holidays were great family gatherings filled with feasting, drinking and merriment. Combined with snowmobiling, sledding, music (everyone brought their instruments for hours of a jamboree) dancing listening to ALL the old stories (for the 100th time), etc.

    It took weeks of cleaning the house before hand. Then a couple of weeks for decorating – every holiday piece had a story, every ornament held a tale, and we would amuse ourselves with traditions both old and new.

    There was the caroling, the hayrides, the church Christmas program, the Christmas concert at school, the shopping, the days of gift wrapping and the telephone calls coming in late at night (when the rates were cheaper) of far away relatives who touched base once or twice a year.

    The snow would fly and the mail would arrive, with a TON of Christmas cards. We took a heavy string and attached to the walls, then took clothespins and hung the cards up. We spent days on baking the holiday goodies. But it was so worth it, during the 7 weeks of laughter, smiles and surprises – bringing great fodder for stories to be told to later generations…

    Except there are no later generations. They all passed away or moved to God knows where – and I’m the only one left…

    Alone. With the ghosts of Christmas past.

    I’ve learned to deal with it in some ways – it doesn’t hurt as much anymore – but I believe that is so because I am on medication.

    I also withdraw into a cocoon, one self made to protect me from the onslaught of the beautiful, yet bittersweet memories I have of Christmas past.

    I don’t go out, I don’t cook, don’t decorate – I do watch the occasional Christmas special or listen to Christmas songs – but even those have been known to leave me in a fit of tears if I’m not careful.

    I sit safe at home, organize my office, make a schedule up for the coming year, review some goals, sleep and read a ton of stuff.

    I LOVE reading M/M romance Christmas stories (perhaps I live vivaciously through them!)

    At any rate, I look forward to the New Year – when I feel it’s safe to breathe again!

    Perhaps during the holidays I should be thankful for that? Hold on to the thought that, this too, shall pass in a few weeks…

  6. Thanks everyone who left a comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my message.

    George, the holidays are very hard for many people. You’re not alone. This holiday, you’ll be in my thoughts, so in a teensy way, you won’t be alone.

    Take care and you’re right…this too will pass.

    Hugs, Keta

  7. I wanted to add that I am so very thankful to all the troops across the globe who are serving their countries to ensure peace for us all! Please also have the fallen and wounded soldiers in your thoughts this holiday season. Lisa

  8. Groaning tables! That’s such lovely imagery!

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to say that I’m thankful to have a Christmas this year, considering the fact that I’m unemployed and 2500 miles away from my nearest relative.

    I moved away from Michigan to live in California almost three years ago. The only person I knew here was my roommate, whom I met on the internet. My roommate’s mom likes to collect stray people and bring them into the family, so after getting to know me a few times I was immediately put on the guest list for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and all the other family holidays.

    It’s hard to be away from my family, and I can’t be thankful enough that I was “adopted” into another one nearly the moment I stepped out of a plane.

  9. Hungry children – yes, it is a terrible national shame that there are hungry children in America, and not only hungry, but sick children. Today I am grateful to be alive and to be recovering, albeit slowly, from the worst auto accident in my life, and grateful that I had redundant inconvenience insurance for many things. And grateful for the flannel PJ’s that a friend of mine sent me, flannel is truly a divine invention.

  10. I, too, am grateful for all the wonderful animal companions with whom I’ve been lucky enough to share my life over the years. 🙂

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