Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thank you all so much for visiting daily and reading the posts by the authors.

This site would not have the profile and the impetus to go forward without you–the readers.

Thank you–the writers–for taking your time and energy and inspiration to make some of the most varied posts.  I think every day was so different it was like a real Advent Calendar as you never knew what was behind that door.

I hope you enjoyed it!  And now the bit you’ve all been waiting for–the winners of the 24 daily prizes.  Some lucky people have won twice, but that’s because they were all chosen randomly (apart from the ones where input was required!)

How to claim your prize: Email me, Erastes, on and I will pass your email onto the author concerned. DO NOT (unless you are comfortable doing so) put your address in your email to me – you can divulge that to your gift giver when you make contact.

1st – Erastes. The winner of a signed copy of Transgressions is JORDAN for coming up with the joke that made me laugh the longest.

2nd – Ken Craigside. The winners of Here and Always Have Been are CHARLIE COCHRANE and LISA

3rd Louise Van Hine. The two winners of Louise’s giveaways are: TWILA and the runner up GEORGE ALLWYN

4th Keta Diablo. The winner of Crossroads Showdown is: MINA

5th E N Holland. The winner of an ecopy of Hidden Conflict is: K Z SNOW

6th – Stephanie Cowell. The winner of a copy of The Players is LISA S.C. (Stephanie wants me to let you all know that although the book is officially out of print, Amazon are selling used copies)

7th – Jordan Taylor. The winner of a gift certificate from Amazon is: ELLE BEA

8th – Syd McGingley. The winner of a choice of two books from Syd is: MOLLY CHURCH

9th – Aleksandr Voinov. The winner of Forbidden Love is: JOSH LANYON

10th – Josh Lanyon. The winner of a choice of a book from Josh’s back catalogue is SEMPRA.

11th – Jeanne Barrack. The winner of Jeanne’s perfume bottle is: JOLIE

12th – Kate Cotoner – The winner of Kate Cotoner’s draw for the DVD “A Frozen Flower” is JUST ANN NOW.

13th – Ava March. The winner of the choice of one of Ava’s books is: STEPHAN

14th – Hayden Thorne. The winner of their choice of Hayden’s historicals is: STEPHAN

15th – Alex Beecroft. The winner of Alex’s prize is MARA, who was the only one to correctly guess that she used ginger in her shrub.  Mara wins whichever of Alex’s books she chooses, in ebook form.

16th – Donald L Hardy. Two winners of Don’s book: ELLE BEA and SYLWIA

17th – Charlie Cochrane. The winner of their very own Cochrane story is GEORGE ALLWYNN

18th – Mark R Probst. The winner of a signed copy of The Filly is: KEN CRAIGSIDE

19th – Stevie Woods. The winner of their choice of Stevie’s historical ebooks is: J L MERROW

20th – Maggie Anton. The winner of Rashi’s Daughter: Book II Miriam is: NORSEMAGICK

21st – Lee Rowan. The winner of a copy of Sail Away or Walking Wounded is: JOAN

22nd – Alan Chin. The winner of a copy of The Lonely War is: JOAN

23rd – Ruth Sims. The winner of the print copy of The Phoenix is:  LISA S.C. And the ebook winner is: JORDAN

24th – Joanne Soper-Cook. The winner of Because you Despise Me is JEANNE

And the winner of the Grand Bumper Prize (consisting of at least two books, and sweets and anything else I can find to throw in the bag) is:



So – all the winners, email me and I’ll pass your details along. Don’t make me chase you!  🙂


Charlie Cockrain and one to Lisam

11 Responses

  1. Wow, this is a lovely way to start my Christmas. Thank you so much!

  2. Erastes, what fun this was! I needed a daily break from the combined madness of writing/publishing headaches and the holidays. Thank you, and many thanks to the authors who participated.

  3. This was fun and I kept coming back to different days just to reread some of the posts and also the comments from those who joined us.
    And the calendar looks so pretty!
    Thanks so much

  4. There is no way I was going to give the prize to anything other than the Jesus who used his good powers for evil. After all the úsing evil powers for good’ stories and songs we hear, it’s time to do a revival of “Bitter Withy.

    And George gets runner-up for Ï saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus” for sheer appropriateness. And it made me giggle uncontrollably.

    but well done EVERYONE!

  5. Thank you so much for running this! The possibility of prizes was nice (prizes are always nice *g*), but really I loved the little glimpses into the minds and processes of writers I truly enjoy. I hope the next year of this site is as fruitful as the past one. Happy holidays!

    • Thank you Joan, it was nice to see you popping up here and there and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully we can keep up the momentum of the reviews next year too!

  6. Thank you, Erastes, for all the work you put into this (and still are). It would not have happened at all without all your time and effort. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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