Review: Black Wade by Franze & Andärle

Graphic Novel

Dreaded pirate Black Wade has a cruel mind and an explosive sexuality. His mercilessness is legendary, but it wavers when he encounters the young and warm-hearted English officer Jack Wilkins. these two absolutely different men are prisoners to their fate. overwhelmed by their passion they unite in a fight for freedom and love.

Review by Erastes

Age of sail pedants, abandon ship.  But everyone else, climb aboard for a fruity and surprisingly touching naughty-cal romp. (Yes, I know. I’m shameless.)

The review is under a cut because I’ve included pictures which are not for minors.It’s a very predictable story, and anyone who has read any m/m book involving pirates will not be at all surprised with the plot.  Black Wade is another “have him washed and brought to my cabin” type, and yes there’s a fair amount of rape portrayed in this story.  And for those of you who really dislike “rape turns to love” are going to want to stay away.  But I have to say, it’s not a one-sided thing, as Wade begins to love his captor, Jack Wilkins, just as much as the other way round.

But really, it’s all about the drawings which are very beautiful.  I don’t have much knowledge of Graphic Novels but I really liked the look of these pictures. I’m used to the frontispieces and the introductory pages being showcase pages with all the talent on show, but the quality is pretty much standard throughout, it’s not “one quality for the front and a lower quality for the panels.”  There’s a particular emphasis on lighting, which I really liked, the way the lanterns in the claustrophobic cabins cast light on naked flesh or half clad bodies. Yaoi this certainly isn’t.  The men are manly men–and if Jack is a little lighter in build and height than Black Wade, it doesn’t mean he’s girly in any way at all.

As you can see by this page!

It’s very sexually graphic and there are cocks everywhere, so not a book to be found by your grandma–and yes, everyone has washboard abs, but there are hairy chests and scars to be found, even if all the crew are hot, half dressed and horny.  Can’t say I blame them. I very much doubt that the ship is accurate, or the sails but I didn’t buy it for that, after all.  However, it’s not all sex, there’s an exciting fighting section, and a terrible storm (which gets Wilkins out of his captivity.)

For a sexual novel, which it doesn’t shy away from being, it certainly “does what it says on the tin” as it were, and it’s a keeper for me, for that–and for the stunning artwork.

You can flip through a section of the book here

Creator’s Website

Amazon UK Amazon USA

6 Responses

  1. One of my favorites from 2009. 🙂 Franze & Andärle are rather clever!

  2. This is not a book I would ever buy, but what you said about the light made me curious enough to use the page-flip link. You are absolutely right. Their use of light and color and shadow is awesome. I’m going to see what other books they have that I might want to spend money on (when I get some!).

    Thanks for reviewing such a different book.

    • I hesitated from giving it such a high mark, as I’m sure it’s hugely inaccurate, but I think that Graphic novels really have a different set of criteria, and I went with “pretty and enjoyable” rather than “are the uniforms right?”

  3. I artistry is good. The book ranks with avatar porn. For visual graphics it is good for the lonely eye. It is readable.
    Three stars is a fair score.

  4. OK, definitely not something for my girlfriend.

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