Advent Calendar Year Two!



This is the second year of the Advent Calendar, and the third year – can you believe it? – of this review blog.

The weather outside is frightful. Britain is having the earliest cold snap for about 20 years, with record low temperatures in some places of MINUS 18! So I hope whereever you are you are keeping warm (this will be easier of course if you live south of the Med…

Welcome to the Advent Calendar – and we will have a new post for you every day. Some fiction excerpts, some articles, some short stories and goodness knows what else (I seriously don’t know yet myself.)  All provided by the readers of this blog, authors AND readers both.

Each day will have a giveaway given generously by the person doing that day’s article – and I want to thank them in advance for this, and for their time.The daily winnters will be chosen by the poster of that day, someone randomly, sometimes “the first right answer” – The winners will be announced on Christmas Day.

BUT ALSO. There will be a larger giveaway of at least three books, and goodies (again, this is a mystery as I will be collating goodies throughout the month) for one lucky winner.  This will be done by way of one question a day posted at the end of each article. So if you want to be in with a chance of winning that BUMPER prize, tune in every day. Again, the winner will be announced on Christmas Day.

Advent Calendar Giveaway!

I’ll give a signed copy of Standish (or any of my other books if you don’t fancy that one, state in the comments) to a random commenter for today. (I’ll be doing a proper post myself later in the month with a short story)

The BONUS BUMPER PRIZE QUESTION (don’t answer this – just save them up for Christmas Eve.)

1. How many Geese are a laying?

26 Responses

  1. I KNOW THE GEESE!!!!!!!!

    Yay for advent. I’m sure baby-jesus approves!

  2. I know the geese too!
    My Dad’s birthday today, exactly a month after his death, and I’ve been rather quiet on the postings, but this has drawn me out of lurkdom – no rational reason at all really.
    No snow here in the Antipodes – good vege growing weather and Christmas choir practices coming up.

  3. Beautiful snow!!! I’m envious – I’m not in the right area for the snows that signal the holiday season. *sigh*

    Thanks for all the work on this advent calendar!

  4. Hurrah! I’m really looking forward to clicking on all the little snowflakes!
    (Don’t enter me for the draw, btw. I’ve already got all of your books!)

  5. No geese are laying as they’re all on strike. Work to rule. More corn and less worming tablets.

    Grand to see this up and running again. (And why does there seem to be a huge snowflake over my house on your map?)


  6. Your map is very accurate! I’m sitting here wearing a jumper and a cardigan and thick socks and I still feel cold. The snow is falling gracefully outside, the back garden looks wonderful, out front not so much! But, tis the season now, so no complaints. Now to try and remember how many geese…..

  7. The geese have gone on holiday to somewhere much warmer to do their laying.

    I don’t blame them!

  8. Hey, it’s snowing on my monitor!

    We’re having unseasonably cold weather as well, but since yours puts ours to shame, I refrain from bemoaning 18 degrees.

  9. I have far too much love for advent calendars.

    I must remember to take one in for the gang at work tomorrow having worked from home today.

  10. We have -23C today and not a single snow flake. *pouts*

  11. I can’t see where I live as there’s an enormous snowflake on it. I’m glad to say it isn’t actually snowing now, though. One near failure to get up the road to my house is enough for me 🙂

  12. What a great way to get into the holiday spirit. I love advent calendars. We always have a least two up at my house – one my mom made with a Christmas tree and ornaments we velcro onto it each day and the other being a wooden nativity scene with a new piece added each day.

    Just a quick question about the bumper giveaway…Are we supposed to just stockpile the questions and answers in a file and then submit them all together on Christmas Eve?

  13. Yay! I enjoyed this last year.

    I already have Standish.

  14. YAY calendar!

    Finally, we’re getting belated snow, and I hope it sticks instead of slushing out. Canada shouldn’t be warmer than England!

  15. What a clever and beautifully executed idea!

    I am in the Western US so will spare you the postage if I am in the running for an item shipped from Europe or Australia. So consider me waiting for something from the US, if anything. I loved Standish and have a copy on my shelf!

    I see from the weather map that it’s snowing in Críslicland! I am sure my characters from An Involuntary King would love the cozy warmth of it all. It snowed in Seattle last week.. I have a video on my blog a few days ago about its impact.. not pretty! . Wspecially the bus sliding downhill sideways. We are snow wimps here.

    Nan Hawthorne

  16. Hey, even in this city (Sydney) on the far side of the globe which never sees snow (besides, it’s summertime here anyway), there are snow flakes drifting across my screen. A nice intro to the season.

  17. Calendar’s back! 🙂
    (Don’t include me in the draw. I also have all of your books. Just showing my enthusiasm here)

  18. This advent calender is a brilliant idea. It seems weird though to me reading all about how freezing it is. We’re in summer here and it’s too hot!

  19. I wish I had snow here!

  20. I loves it! And guess now I need to refresh my website..I’d sort of conceeded to Facebook as my defacto vehicle of ‘news’. Happy Holidays Erastes! Max

  21. I have no idea about geese.
    I am getting a Kindle for Christmas though, which was a very nice surprise! Nice to be able to carry around loads of books and can read gay books covertly in public without the gay covers being visible 😛

  22. Thank you for this lovely gift! I always loved opening the advent calendar each day as a kid.:)

  23. It is 10 F here with snow showers, and I am thrilled to find an advent event online!

    Is the question how many geese are being layed? How do we stockpile answers?

  24. I am keeping lovely and warm, but I do live considerably south of the Med, so am cheating somewhat! 🙂

  25. I knows I knows! However I prefer my geese to donate thei feathers for my pillows and then retire gracefully to either Monte Carlo or Ibiza.

  26. I do so love your advent calendar every year!

    And how weird is it that you have so much snow when we’re virtually snow-less so far?

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