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“Uncle Danny?” Daniel Lyme turned his head to see his oldest niece standing in the doorway, amazed all over again by how much she’d grown in the six years he’d been gone, serving in the war.

Sitting up, he patted the couch beside him invitingly. “What is it, Jane?”

“I was looking through Aunt Linda’s photo album,” the seven-year-old told him as she scrambled up to sit close beside him. “And I found this picture.”

Daniel looked at the picture she meant and felt his heart clench in his broad chest. A black-and-white version of himself stood in the middle, curly brown hair falling into his eyes. On his right stood his girlfriend at the time, Linda Trent (now Johnson), long pale blonde hair pulled back into a careful style that had been all the rage at the time. On his left stood his best friend and Linda’s twin brother, Thomas Trent, wavy sandy brown hair refusing to stay slicked down, no matter how hard he tried. Clearing his throat, he asked, “Why are you pointing out this picture?”

“Who’s the other man with you and Aunt Linda?” Jane asked curiously. “I recognize the other people in the photos, but I don’t recognize him.”

He gazed at the image for a long moment. It was the last one they’d taken together before heading off to England to help: he and Thomas as pilots and Linda as a nurse. Daniel took a deep breath. “He’s Linda’s twin brother. He went with me to England in ’39 to serve in their Eagle Squadron.”

“Why didn’t he come back with you after V-E Day?” she inquired innocently. “Did he die?”

Blinking back tears, he explained gently. “We don’t know. He was shot down behind enemy lines and we never heard from him again.”

“Until now, that is,” Linda commented from the bedroom doorway.

Uncle and niece looked up from the photo album to see Linda standing there, pale blonde hair cut in a practical bob now. While Jane scrambled down from the couch to greet her adopted aunt with a hug, Daniel slowly got to his feet, staring at the man standing beside Linda. Thomas Trent looked as if he’d aged more than six years, thinner than Daniel could ever remember him being. He smiled hesitantly at his childhood friend. “Hello, Dan.”

“Tom?” Daniel whispered, making an abortive move with his missing left arm for the arm of the couch beside him. He sat back down with a thump, too shocked and overwhelmed to remain standing.

As his best friend moved further into the room, Daniel noticed for the first time that Thomas was leaning on a cane. “I’m no ghost, Dan. May I join you?”

“Please do.” The taller man managed a relieved joyful smile as he drank in the sight of his shorter, more slender friend.

Neither man noticed that Linda and Jane had left, closing the bedroom door behind them, as Thomas finished crossing the room and sank down onto the couch beside Daniel with a relieved sigh. “I barely managed to get away from my family to come see you.”

“Do we have Linda to thank for your visit?” Daniel asked with a wry smile, hesitantly resting his remaining arm across the back of the couch behind Thomas’ slim shoulders.

Leaning back against the muscular arm, Thomas nodded. “Yes, and my brother-in-law.”

“I’ll be sure to thank them when I see them next,” he murmured, curling his arm around the slender shoulders.

Thomas let out a deep sigh as he leaned into Daniel’s warm bulk. “You do that.”

“I missed you so much, Tom,” he whispered, his arm tightening around the smaller man.

Much to his pleasure and delight, Thomas pressed even closer to Daniel. “I missed you, too, Dan.”

“May I kiss you?” He almost wanted to take the words back the moment they were out, but he was too interested in the answer.

Tilting his head back, Thomas met Daniel’s hopeful brown eyes with tearful blue ones. “Please do.”

When their lips met, Daniel felt as if he was finally home again. They didn’t pull apart until the need for oxygen necessitated it. “Merry Christmas, Dan.”

“Merry Christmas, Tom.”

I’m a 27-year-old hopeful author who’s been writing since I was a wee mite of a thing with no real idea of what made a good story ‘good’. I feel fanfic has helped me immensely with my original story-writing and I hope that it will continue to help me as I continue to work towards my goal of being a published author.

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23. Child star Jimmy Boyd sang which hugely popular 1950’s Christmas song, which was initially banned by the Catholic Church in Boston because it supposedly mixed sex and Christmas?

16 Responses

  1. *happy sniffles*

    That was lovely.

  2. That was very sweet and touching. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. This has such a lovely feeling of homecoming, so very touching. Thank you.

  4. Well, you got me all choked up… so you must be a good writer! I look forward to seeing more from you.

  5. Nicely touching. Good work!

  6. Aw, that was very touching. A nice little snippet. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Sweet little snippet.

  8. OH! Absolutely wonderful! A very romantic Christmas Eve read!

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