Winners Post!

Here you go – here are the winners thank you all for participating and for reading and commenting and congratulations!

As you can see, some people won more than once – or twice! But then they commented every day – so let that be a lesson to you!

Congratulations again! The reviews will start again after Christmas.

If you are a winner, be patient  I will be passing on your email addresses to the giftees and your presents should be forthcoming soon. If you haven’t heard from your donor by the middle of January, Please contact me on erastes at erastes dot com and I’ll chase people up for you.

Day 1 – Erastes choice of book – Shanna
Day 2 Charlie Cochrane’s – framed Coke advert – : Kitty
Day 3 Syd McGinley’s choice of ebook – TEDY
Day 4 Tedy – choice of ebook– Ruth Sims
Day 5 George – Hadrian’s Enigma – Nan Hawthorne
Day 6 Ruth Goody Bag- Tizi
Day 7 Nan – An Involuntary King – George Gardiner
Day 8 Anteros – $10 gift certificate George Gardiner
Day 9 Vashtan – copy of Lion of Kent – Karin T
Day 10 Hayden – Copies of Hayden’s books Melanie Marshall & George Gardiner
Day 11 Sophia – (Scrapple) – recipes and advice – Sal Davis
Day 12 Josh lanyon – 3 dvds – Vicki
Day 13 Lee Benoit – Maple Syrup & choice of ebook – Joan
Day 14 Alex Beecroft – $15 gift token Silwia T
Day 15 Leslie – choice of ebook Melanie Marshall
Day 16 J L Merrow –choice of book Melanie Marshall
Day 17 Stevie Wood – choice of book – Alex (creative whimsy)
Day 18 Ken – original manuscript – (chosen at Random – Twila)
Day 19 Alex Broughton – $10 gift certificate – Josh Lanyon
Day 20 Charlie Cochrane – Alex (creative whimsy)
Day 21 Lee Rowan – Canadian Coin – plus book Angie
Day 22 Anteros and Alex Broughton Joint – £20 charity donation – Stephanie Haviland.
Day 23 Jestana Silvercoat – $10 gift cert or a short story written for you – Steve Carroll
Day 24 JS Cook – copy of book – Emily Gained

The Winner of the BUMPER PRIZE is Melanie Marshall, who was the first person to get all the answers correct – however the others that entered will also get a little something. I’ll be in touch with you all within the next week or so.

Here are the answers:

1. Six
2. Four
3. Socks
4. Bailey
5. Beauty and the Beast
6. Dancer, Prancer, Cupid
7. Seventeenth
8. (arguably) Sir Henry Cole (would also accept Thomas Smith)
9. Narnia
10. Capricorn
11 5th/6th December
12. Little Women
13. Tchaikovsky
14. Boxing Day
15. Festival of Lights
16. Raymond Briggs
17. Frost Fair
18. Peter Auty
19. Australia
20. Was originally tenth month in Roman Calendar
21. His heart
22. Father Christmas/Santa
23. I Saw Moma Kissing Santa Claus
24. All born on December 24th

Congrats all – and we’ll see you again soon!

5 Responses

  1. Gosh, not only did I get most of the answers right, but I won one of the daily prizes too. What fun!

  2. Woohooo…..what a wonderful Christmas present! Off to the family farm for our traditional Christmas dinner and its snowing. This is like the star on the top of the tree! Thank you so much.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners! I’m glad to know that I got all the answers right, even though I didn’t win the Bumper Contest. I definitely learned a lot about Christmas.

  4. My admiration, congratulations, and thanks all around for a terrific job.

    Nan Hawhorne
    hathorne at nanhawthorne dor com

  5. oh wow, i am in there, too! so happy!
    congratulations to all the winners!

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