Ides of Pride Rainbow Book Swap!

PLEASE – even if you aren’t going to participate – could you disseminate this far and wide? It would be so good to have loads of people involved

The economy is biting us all– more and more I see people say they can’t afford to buy the book they’d like to buy.

SO!  Let’s cock a snook to the economy. (Non Brits may need to look that up.)

I’d like to have an “IDES OF PRIDE BOOK SWAP on Speak Its Name ( on the 15th of June.

It’s a simple idea. If you have a gay historical book that you would like to swap for something you haven’t read – be it electronic or paper, EMAIL ME ( with the details and I’ll put up a post for you

It can be your own book, or simply one you have in your collection. Of course you are welcome to include more than one!

NOW. I’m NOT advocating file sharing here–but the Kindle allows one transfer of each book on your device, so it’s perfectly legal and hopefully it will bring in more readers for you and for all of us — and the readers will be able to discover things they might not have usually tried. Publishers will allow a certain amount of downloads too, so you could use those.

People who want that book will then answer the post with their own swap–or a selection of what you’d like to offer, and it will be up to the original poster to choose which one they’d like. Let me know, and I’ll match up the swap.

It’s like Noel Edmonds’ swap shop. But gay. Oh. OK. That analogy doesn’t really work, as that show was already extraordinarily gay. (see picture) I don’t know WHAT Cheggers is doing with his hand.

Please please please join it–would be fun to make this an annual event–and it will certainly help people get hold of books they can’t afford. You can swap as many books as you like–and don’t renege, or you won’t be allowed to play next time.

Gay Historical Fiction

3 Responses

  1. This is a great idea! And perfect timing, too–I have to move into a smaller place, so I’m divesting myself of some things, and one of those things is a paper copy of a book reviewed well on this very site (I enjoy it, but I’ve re-read it so many times I think I’m finally done. *g*). I’d love to pass it on to an interested someone. So I’ll certainly be emailing!

  2. Hi Erastes — Most of my books are contemporary (including the ones i write). Want to broaden the spectrum? There might be people with gay paranormal books to trade as well. Yikes. You could have crated a monster! LOL Great idea. I’ll be looking through my books for some historicals. : )

    • I think I’d rther keep the focus on historicals–but you are free to offer up contemps as swaps in the comments–I’m stretching it to include historical paranormals, though.

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