Erastes’ Book Swap

Kindle: (you’ll need to have a kindle to swap)
Samurai’s Forbidden Love [Katana Duet]  by Jarun, Silapa
Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin
Sins of the Cities of the Plain by Jack Saul
Missouri by Christine Wunnicke
The Master by Colm Toibin
Last Gasp (PDF) by Erastes, Charlie Cochrane, Chris Smith, Jordan Taylor

Frost Fair by Erastes
Mere Mortals by Erastes


What to if you want any of these books

REPLY to this post with suggestions of what you have–it doesn’t matter if you’ve already had a post on the community, you can also offer your books on the replies. The owner of the post will then choose what they want (probably will take a day or so) and then I’ll connect the two of you and you can arrange your swap or gift.

10 Responses

  1. I’ll swop my Downtime for your MereKats. 🙂 (Or Chrisytopher Isherwood’s berlin Novels if you’d prefer.)

  2. I’d like to read Missouri. Would you like The Painting by F.K. Wallace in exchange?

    • Yes please – fiona was supposed to send me one, but she’s not done so, so that’s great.

      do we have to do the whole deregistering thing and re-registring thing to swap? (I admit I should have researched this…)

      • If it’s a Kindle-to-Kindle loan, you can do it right through your Amazon account (assuming you bought the book from Amazon). You’ll get an email notice that the book is available. Once you pick it up, it’s on loan to you for two weeks. While the book is on loan, I won’t be able to read it on my Kindle.


  3. I’d love Last Gasp, but am not sure what to offer in exchange that you won’t have already read! Would you be interested in ebooks of any of these:

    Victor Banis: Deadly series 1-5; or Lola Dances
    Neil Plakcy: Three Wrong Turns in the Desert; Dancing with the Tide
    Marshall Thornton: The Perils of Praline

  4. I want a Frost Faire. Was there anything on my list you’d be interested in? Father of Frankenstein is claimed.) I also have some nongay historicals: Like Sharpe’s Fury.

  5. I would love to bobrrow Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin. Thanks!

    I can give you a longer list of what I have on my Kindle.. have you read Time Well Bent?

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