New Titles Added

Phew! I’m exhausted!  Found dozens and dozens of new titles recently – some short stories, some novels, some text books, but it’s so great that the genre is growing and growing. One day I may not be able to keep up.

These have been added to the list recently. Hope you can try them and enjoy them if you do!


A Great Unrecorded History: A New Life of E. M. Forster by wendy moffat

A romance in the Wilderness by Spence Keegan – Western

A Strange Love by George Eekhoud published in 1899- Flanders

A Wicked Encounter by SammJo Hunt – Regency

All beauty of the sun by marion husband—post ww1

Almost an Equal by Heather Boyd – Regency

As stars fall by Arius de Winter (says Spencer Keegan on Amazon)-1930’s Europe

As the Snow Lay All Around by S. Blaise – Victorian

As Time Goes By – by Anna Lee (WW2)

Beginning of Time by Dirk Hessian – stoneage

Cast not the Day by Paul Waters – Roman Empire

City Boy by Edmund White (1960-70 New York-

City of Gold by L.J. LaBarthe Constantinople 1131 (short story)

Colonel’s Treasure by Dirk Hessian – American Civil War

Comfort DW Marchwell – Vietnam war era in America (short story)

Convincing Leopold by Ava March – Regency

Cross bones by various (anthology) Pirates

Crusade Knights by Rexana McCormack

Deception by Lyndi Lamont – 1895 england

Dreaming Sparta by Richard Fazio – Ancient Sparta

Earth and Sun, Cedar and Sage by Mills & Ward American west

Escape to Athens – Xavier Chance – Ancient Greece

Foundlings: Lesbian and Gay Historical Emotion before Stonewall (Series Q) by Christopher S. Nealon

From Here to Eternity (Restored) by James Jones – WW2

Furlough Bridge by Jardonn Smith  – WW2

Grit by Wiliam Maltese and Jardonn Smith – Great Depression America

Haji’s Exile by Alan Chin -1940s (short story)

Homeward Bound by Habu – early 20th century

Irish Cream by Vincent Diamond – 1950’s (short story)

Kissing Sherlock Holmes by T. D. McKinney & Terry Wylis Holmes fic-Victorian England

Knight of the Hawk by Victor J Banis – Crusades

Lily White Rose Red by Catt Ford 1948 America

Mad Dogs and Englishmen by Kate Roman – Italy 1952 (short story)

Missing Jackson’s Hole by Ryan Field – Western

My Big Brother by Ike Rose – 1968 America

My queer war by James Lord (ww2)

One More Soldier by Marie Sexton – 1963

Pioneers by Lynn Lorenz – 1940/50 America novella

Prisoner of War (Gay Soldiers) by Arius De’ Winter – ww2

Queering Holmes- a study in lavender – Anthology

Rage of Angels by Perry Brass- Savannah 1963

Regency Nights by Kitti Bernetti – Regency

Seduced and Revealed by TA Chase – Regency novellas

Stand and Deliver by scarlett blackwell

Stone by Stone by Stevie Woods – 14th century England

Summer Song by Louise Blaydon – 1950’s America

The Almost Unbelievably Curious Case of Jeremiah Hudgejaw or America’s First Gay Wedding by marten weber 1900 america

The Code by David Juhren] 1941 America

The Crane and Pelican by Victor Wisse – post WW1

The Gay Past: A Collection of Historical Essays  Salvatore J. Licata

The gentleman and his jockey by jm Cartwright (short story)

The Jolly Lobster by Robin Anderson-Forbes – 1920 Canada

The Mark of a Man by Maggie Lee Elizabethan England?

The meaning of vengeance by Jamie Fessenden – medieval Iceland

The Painting by FK Wallace – 1930-1980

The Philospher Prince by Paul Waters – Roman empire

The Song of Achillles by Madeline Miller

The Stallion and the Dragon (Spaniards) by Desert Run by Marshall Thornton – 1973 America

The Stranger’s Child by Alan Hollinghurst -1913 England

To Chase the Horizon by Richard Stone – WW2

Two People by Donald Windham – 1960’s Rome (written contemporaneously)

Under the Law by JP Bowie – 1973 London

Virgin Airmen by Michael Gouda ww2 (short story)

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