Speak Its Name Advent Calendar 2010 Last few slots

Speak Its Name (www.speakitsname.com) is looking for bloggers for their Third annual Advent Calendar series in December. It’s a great blog to reach new readers and perhaps promote a new book. from 1st 24th December SIN will feature posts every day on some historical, gay historical, or seasonal subject. Talk about some research, give us some seasonal recipes, talk about a winter’s walk where you live – it doesn’t matter. We’d also like that you have a giveaway–doesn’t have to be a book (you don’t have to be a writer, you can blog from a readers perspective) but candy, or anything you like.

Check out the posts from previous years to see the wide range of blog posts we’ve done so far.


It’s an ideal opportunity to include your bio, links etc too. We have hundreds of unique visitors each day and the Advent Calendar doubles the visitors each year. This is our Third year and we hope it will be better than ever. Drop me an email if you are interested and I’ll send out final details when I’ve filled all the slots.

ETA: Only a very few slots left – so please hurry!

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