Advent Calendar Winners Post

Merry Christmas to all!

Thank you ALL so much for following the blog this month. The visits have been growing steadily and loads of people have subscribed to the posts and have been visiting each day. Here’s hoping that you’ll stick around in the New Year and enjoy the masses of reviews we still have to get through, and all the new books yet to come that we don’t know about yet. It’s great that the genre has so much support.

It’s a shame that more people didn’t comment–although not a shame for the actual winners–as many people won more than one prize!

I’d also like to thank the pantheon of willing authors who volunteered their time and their possessions to blog for your enjoyment and to give away such great prizes. I hope you all got a kick out of the posts – what a great variety of posts there were, too – and that you all won a prize. If you didn’t then I’m sorry about that! Better luck next year  (or check out the Ides of Pride Bookswap 2 which will happen in June).

So – without further ado – Here’s the list of lucky winners!

1. Jess Faraday’s Bag of Goodies: To be announced later as detailed in her post

2. Nan Hawthorne’s Carnival giveaway: Nathan Smith

3. Rochelle Hollander-Schwab’s “A Different Sin” – Teddypig

4. Lynne Connolly’s ebook giveaway – Sarah M

5. Andrew Grey’s book giveaway –  Jennifer Thorne

6. Jenre’s rocking horse tree ornament – Tam

7. Gerry Burnie’s $10 ca gift token – KZ Snow

8. Jennifer Thorne’s book giveaway – Nan Hawthorne

9. Ann Chamerlin’s book giveaway – Leila

10. Elin Gregory’s sheep themed goodies – Stephanie Haviland

11. Charlie Cochrane’s two winners – Marti and jessie Lansdel

12. Donald L Hardy’s book giveaway – Shelagh

13. Paige Turner’s winner of a copy of Bone Idol and a cameo in a future book – bosomfriends

14. Kathe Koja’s winner of incense  –  Nan Hawthorne

15. Summer Devon’s two winners are Julie Barrett and Irene

16. Nathan Burgoine’s “Riding the Rails” and “Something Canadian” goes to Elin Gregory

17. Kay Berrisford’s book giveaway – Dorinda

18. ZA Maxfield’s four book giveaway goes to HJ

19. Samantha Kane’s book giveaway goes to Anny Cook

20. J.L. Merrow’s gift certificate goes to Chris

21. Belinda McBride’s giveaway goes to Seraphina Witch

21a. Grace Roberts’ giveaway – Melanie Marshall

22. Syd McGinley’s giveaway – Stevie Carrol

23. Alex Beecroft’s book giveaway – Elin Gregory

24. Jeannine Allard’s book giveaway – Stevie Carrol

24a. Lee Rowan’s book giveaway – Jessie Lansdel

I will be getting in touch with the donators and winners over the next week or two, but if you haven’t been connected with your prize by end of January, POKE ME.

We had a very dissapointing entry for the Bumper Quiz – only four entries. The winner of this is: Sarah MacCallum

Once again – thank you, readers and authors – this Advent Calendar wouldn’t exist without your generosity!

Reviews will commence again on 1st January. I’m taking a little break until then.

Merry Christmas One and All, whatever your belief.


11 Responses

  1. Congrats to all the winners!

    And thank you. 🙂

  2. Wow, what fun!

    You can find my email and mailing address on my blog at .. and thank you so much.. the real winners are everyone who got to read all these great advent calendar pieces!

    And again, thanks to Erastes for all her diligence.

    Nan Hawthorne

  3. Nobody should have to work on Christmas – not even for a blog!

  4. It’s my birthday today, so it’s like getting an extra present. Thank you very much 🙂

  5. 😀 oh wow!

    I’m sorry I didn’t send in my entry to the bumper prize thingy. I had it all typed up but the last minute Xmas hysteria [I tend to panic over trivialities like the state of the kitchen floor] put it right out of my mind on Xmas eve. But I did enjoy doing the quiz and trying to remember the answers so thank you for providing some fun!

    Thanks to all the contributors. I really look forward to the Advent Calendar. It makes a tense month so much better. HUGE thanks to Erastes for whipping us all into shape.

    Here’s hoping that 2012 is abso-bally-lutely brilliant for everyone.

  6. Ooh, I won stuff! Thanks to all who contributed, and congratulations to all who won.

  7. Well done, lovey. Cracking job!

  8. Wow! Thank you so much.

  9. ooooh how exciting, I never win anything and more reading material? What could be better! Happy New Year everybody!

  10. POKE!

    Actually, either you or Jessie can contact me, but I have NO idea how to reach her.

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