New Titles added to The List

We apologise for the slight break in reviews, I’ve been unwell, and the other reviewers have been ill or busy in other ways, we’ll be resuming soon.

In the meantime, here’s a list of the titles added to The List in the last month.

Moffie by Andre Carl van der Merwe – 1970’s South Africa

The Men of Buckshot Ranch: Jay by Xondra Day – 1880’s Montana

The Egyptian Slave by Alcamia Payne – Ancient Egypt

 History’s Passions-Stories of Sex before Stonewall – Various

By Honor Betrayed by Alex Beecroft – Age of Sail

Half a Man by Scarlett Blackwell – post WW1

Gladiators 4: The Next Generation by M J Manly – Ancient Rome

The Russian Boy by Neil S Plakcy – 1912 Europe

Butterfly Dream by Dave Lara and Bud Grundy-WW2 concentration camp

Rendevous at the Palmeraie by Jay Starre – 18th Cent Marrakesh

Falling in Love with the Enemy by Katrina Miller – 19th century America

Stuck Rubber Baby by Howard Cruse – 1960’s America

Christopher and his Kind – Christopher Isherwood – 1930s Berlin

The Gladiator’s Master by Fae Sutherland and Marguerite Labbe – Ancient Rome

Leopards in the Garden by Nathaniel Burt – 1920 France

An Idol for Others – Gordon Merrick – WW2

Landscape Memory by Matthew Stadler 1914 San Francisco

Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward, Professor, Tattoo Artist, and Sexual Renegade  Justin Spring

Lions and Shadows by Christopher Isherwood – 1920s

Quatrefoil  James Barr 1946 America

Valiant One by Jay Hughes – 13th century england

New Titles Added

Phew! I’m exhausted!  Found dozens and dozens of new titles recently – some short stories, some novels, some text books, but it’s so great that the genre is growing and growing. One day I may not be able to keep up.

These have been added to the list recently. Hope you can try them and enjoy them if you do!


A Great Unrecorded History: A New Life of E. M. Forster by wendy moffat

A romance in the Wilderness by Spence Keegan – Western

A Strange Love by George Eekhoud published in 1899- Flanders

A Wicked Encounter by SammJo Hunt – Regency

All beauty of the sun by marion husband—post ww1

Almost an Equal by Heather Boyd – Regency

As stars fall by Arius de Winter (says Spencer Keegan on Amazon)-1930’s Europe

As the Snow Lay All Around by S. Blaise – Victorian

As Time Goes By – by Anna Lee (WW2)

Beginning of Time by Dirk Hessian – stoneage

Cast not the Day by Paul Waters – Roman Empire

City Boy by Edmund White (1960-70 New York-

City of Gold by L.J. LaBarthe Constantinople 1131 (short story)

Colonel’s Treasure by Dirk Hessian – American Civil War

Comfort DW Marchwell – Vietnam war era in America (short story)

Convincing Leopold by Ava March – Regency

Cross bones by various (anthology) Pirates

Crusade Knights by Rexana McCormack

Deception by Lyndi Lamont – 1895 england

Dreaming Sparta by Richard Fazio – Ancient Sparta

Earth and Sun, Cedar and Sage by Mills & Ward American west

Escape to Athens – Xavier Chance – Ancient Greece

Foundlings: Lesbian and Gay Historical Emotion before Stonewall (Series Q) by Christopher S. Nealon

From Here to Eternity (Restored) by James Jones – WW2

Furlough Bridge by Jardonn Smith  – WW2

Grit by Wiliam Maltese and Jardonn Smith – Great Depression America

Haji’s Exile by Alan Chin -1940s (short story)

Homeward Bound by Habu – early 20th century

Irish Cream by Vincent Diamond – 1950’s (short story)

Kissing Sherlock Holmes by T. D. McKinney & Terry Wylis Holmes fic-Victorian England

Knight of the Hawk by Victor J Banis – Crusades

Lily White Rose Red by Catt Ford 1948 America

Mad Dogs and Englishmen by Kate Roman – Italy 1952 (short story)

Missing Jackson’s Hole by Ryan Field – Western

My Big Brother by Ike Rose – 1968 America

My queer war by James Lord (ww2)

One More Soldier by Marie Sexton – 1963

Pioneers by Lynn Lorenz – 1940/50 America novella

Prisoner of War (Gay Soldiers) by Arius De’ Winter – ww2

Queering Holmes- a study in lavender – Anthology

Rage of Angels by Perry Brass- Savannah 1963

Regency Nights by Kitti Bernetti – Regency

Seduced and Revealed by TA Chase – Regency novellas

Stand and Deliver by scarlett blackwell

Stone by Stone by Stevie Woods – 14th century England

Summer Song by Louise Blaydon – 1950’s America

The Almost Unbelievably Curious Case of Jeremiah Hudgejaw or America’s First Gay Wedding by marten weber 1900 america

The Code by David Juhren] 1941 America

The Crane and Pelican by Victor Wisse – post WW1

The Gay Past: A Collection of Historical Essays  Salvatore J. Licata

The gentleman and his jockey by jm Cartwright (short story)

The Jolly Lobster by Robin Anderson-Forbes – 1920 Canada

The Mark of a Man by Maggie Lee Elizabethan England?

The meaning of vengeance by Jamie Fessenden – medieval Iceland

The Painting by FK Wallace – 1930-1980

The Philospher Prince by Paul Waters – Roman empire

The Song of Achillles by Madeline Miller

The Stallion and the Dragon (Spaniards) by Desert Run by Marshall Thornton – 1973 America

The Stranger’s Child by Alan Hollinghurst -1913 England

To Chase the Horizon by Richard Stone – WW2

Two People by Donald Windham – 1960’s Rome (written contemporaneously)

Under the Law by JP Bowie – 1973 London

Virgin Airmen by Michael Gouda ww2 (short story)

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