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Warriors of Rome

Help us launch our Historical Warriors line with gay and trans stories about warriors during the time of the Roman Empire. Stories can focus on Rome (from the Eternal City to its provinces), or on Rome’s enemies. Explore barracks life with Roman legionaries and their officers, or follow Germanic tribes and Gauls as they rise up against the invaders. Let us fight alongside the Persians and Carthaginians, or join forces as auxiliaries and allies with the glory of Rome.

Of course, soldiers weren’t the only ones to take up arms. Gladiators fought and often died for the entertainment of the masses. So too did slaves to earn their freedom, and simple farmers to protect their land against the Roman invaders. We’d love to hear their stories, as well.

We’re seeking historicals for this call, which means research is crucial. Our editors will only select stories that are faithful to the period in which they are set. If you use paranormal elements or magical realism, be sure they fit into the time period; conquerors and conquerees alike have their superstitions, of course, and we welcome those elements as secondary—but not primary—foci in your submissions. All levels of eroticism are welcome and erotic content is encouraged, but sex is no substitute for the plot, character, and worldbuilding we’re seeking for this call.

Length: 25,000 to 35,000 words -OR- 50,000+ words
Genres: Historical (some supernatural elements allowed)
Heat Levels: Any
Ending: Any
Orientation: Gay or trans
Submissions Due: May 15, 2012
Acceptance Letters Sent By: July 1, 2012 for novellas, July 15, 2012 for novels
Anticipated Release Date: December 2012

Submission Instructions

All manuscripts should be complete, and edited and polished to the best of your ability. Please send the following submission package to submissions@riptidepublishing.com:

  • A query letter containing the title, genre(s), word count, and orientation of your story; a one- to two-paragraph “sales pitch” (like the blurbs you see on the back cover of a book); and a brief history of your publication, if any.
  • A two- to three-page synopsis of your story from start to finish. Do not leave out the ending!
  • Your completed manuscript.

Please paste the query letter directly into your email, and attach the synopsis and manuscript as .rtf files. We have no specific formatting requirements, but please be sensible and remember that if the editor has a hard time reading your submission, he or she simply won’t.

You’ll receive an automated email confirming our receipt of your submission. Due to the large volume of submissions anticipated, we regret to say rejections cannot be personalized. If your story is rejected, please do not write the editor asking why; such emails will not be answered.

Bristlecone Pine Press Call for Submissions: Vintage

Call for Submissions: Vintage

Pictures and photographs capture our faces and preserve our memories. Generations later, they spark our imaginations, making us wonder: Who is in the picture? What are they doing? How are they feeling?

Vintage is a call for written works inspired by pictures or photographs. We are looking for authors who will tell us the story behind those two men on the beach…or standing next to bench…or staring out a window…or looking oddly shy in each other’s presence. We want high quality, original fiction that will draw the reader into world of the photo or picture, to share and reminisce.


Length: Short novels, 10K to 50K words

Theme: Historical love stories that feature a relationship between male same-sex couples, inspired by a picture or photograph. While the actual taking of the photograph (or painting of the picture) does not need to be included in the narrative, the picture/photo does need to be included in the storyline. If you want examples of what we are thinking of, you might want to read Our One and Only by E.N. Holland or Lover’s Knot by Donald Hardy (see in particular, pp. 259-260 and p. 324).

For the purposes of this collection, “historical” is defined as any time in history in which a photograph or painted picture could be produced, with a cut-off date of 1985. Love stories, to us, are those stories that tell of a relationship in a realistic and meaningful way. We do not have a requirement for a “happy ever after” or a “happy for now” ending although that certainly would be acceptable. We recognize the challenges that same-sex couples have faced in the past (and continue to face, but that’s another story) and that can be portrayed, although we also would like these relationships shown in a loving and positive way, to the extent that is possible, given time and circumstance.

Characters can be any age from 15 on up. For stories that feature characters under the age of 18, the relationship must be consensual and presented in a positive light. Teenagers exploring a first, forbidden love would be fine; an older man raping a younger boy would not. It should go without saying but we’ll say it anyway: no incest or bestiality. No vampires or werewolves, no paranormals, although if a story featured a ghost in the old fashioned, classic definition of a ghost story, that would be considered. Again, Lover’s Knot is a good example of the latter.

As these are love stories, scenes of characters making love can certainly be included but we do not have a requirement for a set number of sex scenes or level of explicitness. Let your own judgment be your guide: if it is important to the story, include it; if not, leave it out. In general, we are looking for books written for an adult audience that will appeal to a wide variety of readers.


Query: Send an email to publisher@bcpinepress.com . Include Query: Vintage and the proposed title of your book in the subject line. In the body of the email, include a one paragraph (150-200 word) synopsis of the story. Attach to the email: 1) the photo/picture that inspired you; and 2) the first 5000 words of your story, in a Word doc or PDF. Manuscripts do not need to be complete to be submitted. If an incomplete manuscript is accepted, the completed manuscript will be due two (2) months after the final contract is negotiated and signed. Publication will be two (2) months after a final, completed, edited manuscript is signed off by the author and accepted by the publisher.

Please include your contact information including name, address, email address, and phone number. Queries can be submitted under a pen name, if one is used, although a legal name will be required for a contract, if one is offered.

Queries will be acknowledged upon receipt. A final decision on acceptance/rejection will be made within two (2) weeks. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please re-send, as messages do get lost in cyberspace.

Photograph/Picture and Cover: All books in the Vintage series will use the template cover, as illustrated here, substituting the author’s name, book title, and photograph/picture. Photographs/pictures must be in the public domain or you must have documented permission for its use.

Production, Sales, and Payment

Production: All books will be edited by BCPP staff. Books will be assigned an ISBN and listed in Books in Print. Covers, as noted above, will use the Vintage template.

Format: eBook only. BCPP produces books in a variety of formats that can be read on multiple devices, including laptops/PCs, smartphones/PDAs, iPhones/iPads, the Nook, the Sony e-reader, and the Amazon Kindle. Books are sold in several outlets including Amazon, All Romance ebooks, and OmniLit. We do not sell in the Sony store, although books are sold in a format that is readable on the Sony e-reader. Plans are in the works to sell in the AppleStore.

Pricing: Books will priced and sold according to length: up to 15K words, $2.99; 15K to 30K words, $3.99; 30K words and above, $5.99.

Royalties and Advances: BCPP is a traditional royalty paying publisher. At the time the book is deployed for sale at the outlets through which we sell, an advance (against royalties) will be paid, based on length: up to 15K words, $25; 15K to 30K words, $50; 30K words and above, $100. After that, royalties are paid quarterly at a rate of 40% of the net proceeds to the publisher.

Marketing: Marketing is a joint effort between the author and the publisher. All Vintage books will be featured on the Bristlecone Pine Press website (www.bcpinepress.com) and included in our catalog. We will submit review copies to popular review sites, including Speak Its Name and Reviews by Jessewave. We hope that the Vintage books become a recognizable and popular series that readers will look forward to and purchase impulsively.


This is an ongoing call for submissions. At present there is no deadline. Submissions are welcome at any time. Please feel free to direct questions about this call to the publisher, Leslie H. Nicoll, at publisher@bcpinepress.com.

The Bristlecone Pine Press editorial team looks forward to hearing from you!

Call for Submissions: Carina Press

Whilst this call doesn’t specifically mention gay submissions, Carina Press made it clear when they started up last year that they were going to accept and publish GLTBQ titles – so well worth a query.

Copyright Carina Press, Harlequin Enterprises Ltd
Hoop skirts, brocade, feathered headdresses, kid gloves, kid slippers, horses, carriages, talk of locomotion (not Kylie Minogue’s!), Queen Victoria, cowboys, discussion of women’s suffrage, ratafia, corsets, chemises, calling cards, pelisses, peers of the realm, cutthroats, Mary Wollstonecraft, six-shooters, hothouse flowers, wallflowers, parties lit by candles, cowboy hats, bluestockings, hunts, hounds, masquerades, horses, operas and operettas, tours of Italy, grand tours, wars (Napoleonic, Crimean), revolutions (French, Russian)…

Do you love these things? We do, and we want to read more about them—and share them with our readers! Carina Press’s acquisitions team and editors have begged me to find more historical fiction and romance, so I’m putting out the call. If you have a completed historical manuscript, 15,000 words and up, Carina Press would love to see it.

We’re looking for both historical romance and historical fiction (with or without the romance subplot) of any steam level (including none, none at all). Historical Victorian, Regency, Western, turn of the century or whatever other time period you’ve chosen to write in, we’re interested in publishing some amazing historical work. Our submissions guidelines can be found HERE, and we’re working through submissions very quickly, due to the large number of us reading them, so you won’t be waiting until summer (or next year) for an answer!

Clearing up a commonly asked question: What is the difference between Harlequin Historical Undone and Carina Press eBooks? Undone has a very specific word count requirement: 10-15,000. We’re looking for 15,000 up. So the two aren’t competing in any way, because we don’t take less than 15k and they don’t take more than 15k!

Full details here:


Write Queer London 2010 – A Writing Competition

Win up to £300, get your work published in Chroma Journal as well as reading a bit of it before the great and good at our prizegiving party.

UntoldLondon is running its second annual Queer History Writing Prize in association with Chroma Queer Arts Journal.

London has long been a place to find soul-mates, friends, lovers and a political haven from persecution. We welcome fact, fiction and poetry about gay life, and the history of gay lives in London.
Deadline: 18th January 2010
Prize-giving Party: 4th February 2010

Stories and factual pieces: 2,500 words
Poems: no longer than 30 lines

The entries will be judged by academic Matt Houlbrook (author of Queer London), Shaun Levin (author of A Year of Two Summers and editor of Chroma) and Anna Bendix (winner, Write Queer London 2009).

For guidelines, details of how to enter and articles on London’s queer history see http://www.untoldlondon.org.uk

Call for Submissions – Lesbian Historical Romance

Deadline: Ongoing
Estimated pub. date: Ongoing

Ever wondered about the private life of the Victorian school marm or the two Edwardian spinster ladies who lived together after World War I? Ever wanted to write a story about a WAC and Rosie the Riveter? Or how about a biker babe from the 1950s?

How about a bodice ripper from the 17th century involving a female highway -“man” and the lady aristocrat?

Logical-Lust is looking for quality lesbian historical romance with realistic storylines taking place prior to 1960.

Storylines must reflect accurate historical research and references.
Heat level can range from sweet to sweaty and can incorporate other genres like mystery, thriller, Gothic – as long as lesbian romance remains the major theme.

LENGTH – novellas from 10,000 – 30,000 words / novels from 50,000

All successful submissions will be published in ebook formats. Successful novel submissions may also be published in paperback.

Payment will be by royalties: ebook 50% net, print 7.5% of cover price.

Please see our submission guidelines on how to submit your submission:

Include all of the following information with your submission:

1. Name
2. Pseudonym (if applicable)
3. Address
4. Phone Number
5. Email Address
6. Short Bio

Send your submission/queries to editor(at)logical-lust.com putting LESBIAN HISTORICAL ROMANCE in the subject line. Please also send any questions or queries to the same email address.

Submissions call:GLBT Military History




A Joint Venture of


CHEYENNE PUBLISHING and BRISTLECONE PINE PRESS are teaming up for a special publishing project.  This joint venture will be an anthology consisting of three novellas. This submission call is to select two novellas (20,000 to 35,000 words) to be included with an already selected novella about the battle of the Little Bighorn.  The theme will be gay/lesbian military personnel in a historical setting.  Stories can be set in any era circa 1600 forward, up to and including the Viet Nam War. Military personnel can be interpreted to include soldiers, officers, and support staff such as nurses; key is that the action of the story takes place in a military setting during war, truce, or peacetime support. Any military conflict within the past 500 years (circa 1600 on) or country is acceptable. While sexual relationships can be discussed and intimate acts implied, we   prefer the material to be non-explicitly sexual in order to accommodate a young-adult crossover readership. Please note that the main characters must be gay or lesbian and issues regarding their sexuality must be a primary element of the plot. Cheyenne Publishing and Bristlecone Pine Press allow the writer complete freedom in regards to genre – meaning your story does not have to fit into any particular mold such as “happy ever after” – in other words, soldiers can die.

As this is a small press project, there will be no advances offered. Cheyenne Publishing will publish the print version and Bristlecone Pine Press will publish the e-book versions. Authors will be paid a flat fee of $250 upon final acceptance of a completed manuscript. Final contractual details will be negotiated at the time of acceptance; note that Cheyenne Publishing and Bristlecone Pine Press are not vanity publishers and follow standard industry practices with respect to publishing and distribution.

You do not have to complete the full manuscript in order to submit an idea for review. To be considered, send a 600-1000 word synopsis of your story and a sample of at least 5000 words to webmaster@cheyennepublishing.com and publisher@bcpinepress.com . Include “Military Historical Submission” in the subject line. Include complete contact information including name, address, telephone, and email address in the email. The synopsis should be included in the body of the email; the sample should be included as a Word attachment. Submissions not following these guidelines will be rejected without review.

Theme: Gay/lesbian, historical, military personnel

Length: 20,000 to 35,000 words

Submission deadline:  April 30, 2009 for synopsis; acceptance by May 30, 2009; completed manuscripts due August 31, 2009.

Projected publication date: January 2010

Submissions and inquiries email to: webmaster@cheyennepublishing.com or publisher@bcpinepress.com

Websites: www.cheyennepublishing.com


Jane Austen Short Story Competition

As the judge is Sarah Waters – I think it might be worth having a go submitting a GLBT story…

ETA: Check the rules: The competition is open to writers of any nationality who have not had a work of
full‐length fiction published

Jane Austen Short Story Award 2009

…the competition that celebrates the bicentenary of Jane Austen’s arrival in the Hampshire village of Chawton – where she spent the most productive years of her literary life.

Our intention is to publish the very best short fiction inspired by Jane Austen or Chawton House – a place she knew well.

We are looking for short stories of 2,000-2,500 words in length. The inspiration for your story can be taken from any theme in Jane Austen’s novels: it might even be a character or a single sentence that sets your creative juices flowing. Or perhaps your imagination will be fired by the Elizabethan mansion, Chawton House, where Jane Austen and her family often gathered, and now houses a rare collection of early women’s writing.

Stories can have a historical or a contemporary setting – anything goes as long as it is well written and you state on the entry form exactly what inspired you to write it.

The Chair of judges for this award is Sarah Waters, author of Tipping the Velvet, and Fingersmith. Futher details about Sarah can be found Here.

First prize: £1,000. Two runners up: £200 each. All three finalists will also win a week’s writers’ retreat at Chawton House. Fifteen other shortlisted authors will receive £40 plus publication in the winners’ anthology.

The closing date for entries is the 31st March 2009.
To Download an entry form click here (PDF)

To Download the rules and entry criteria click here. (PDF)

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