The list has grown so much in the years I’ve been compiling it that it was getting a little unweildy to manage.

I’ve now split the reviews up into sections:

Enjoy – and please don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any books that you know of that should be on the list – and isn’t.

7 Responses

  1. I think that the beautiful novel “The LInk, a Victorian mystery” (1969) by Englisk author Robin Maugham should be on the list.
    It is a gay-themed reworking of the celebrated 19th-century legal case known as “the affair of the Tichborne claimant”.
    Further information:

  2. You’re welcome!

    Robin Maugham’s stunning “The Second Window” (1968) and “The Wrong People” (1970) are also worthy novels!

  3. Hello,
    You definitely should include Brenda K. Marshall’s DAKOTA, Or WHAT’S A HEAVEN FOR

    It’s a wonderful literary novel.

    Book trailer:

    • Thank you for commenting – but this list is for gay historical fiction, as far as I can this doesn’t qualify.

      • Hi, Erastes,

        Oh, but it does!

        The central character of the novel is a woman, Frances, who marries a man in order to remain close to the true object of her affection, her new husband’s sister. When the whole family moves to Dakota Territory Frances is seduced by the myths of opportunity driving the settlement of the territory, and dares to dream of a new world in which to realize her unconventional desires.

        It’s well worth the read.


      • But that makes it lesbian historical, not gay male, and we no longer review lesbian books due to no-one wanting to actually review them. Bosom Friends reviews lesbian historicals, so you should alert Nan Hawthorne of the book (she’s commented below on the thread.)

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