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If you have a gay historical novel, novella or a short story you would like reviewed by The Team, then email it to erastes at erastes dot com with the subject line: Review Submission

We are happy to review any format, so if you’d rather submit an ebook, or post a hard copy or point to a site online, then let us know. We’ll organise an address for a hard copy to go to.

Erastes writes smutty short stories and gay historical novels. She has no qualifications to do so, but doesn’t care. She lives on the Norfolk Broads and tells lies about everything.

Alex Beecroft currently lives in Great Britain with her husband and two daughters. Raised in Cheshire, Alex studied English and Philosophy before accepting employment with the Crown Court where she worked for a number of years. Alex has Age of Sail books published by Samhain, Manloveromance and Running Press.

In his seventy-two years Gerry Burnie has sampled a wide variety of professions: Professor of political science and law; history; actor; dancer and singer. However, in his retirement years writing has become his abiding passion, resulting in two novels thus far: i.e. Two Irish Lads, and Journey to Big Sky. Moreover, his third novel, Coming of Age on the Trail, is scheduled for release in March 2010. It’s never too late for a new start!

Jean Cox learned to read by ‘borrowing’ her brother’s comics. She doesn’t like labelling books, believing they only fall into two categories – ones you enjoyed reading and ones you didn’t.

Jess Faraday is the author of one novel, three book translations, a handful of short stories, and numerous nonfiction articles.

She is a graduate of the University of Arizona (B.A.) and UCLA (M.A.). Since then, she has earned her daily bread in a number of questionable ways, including translation, lexicography, copyediting, teaching high school Russian, and hawking shoes to the overprivileged offspring of Los Angeles-area B-listers.

She enjoys martial arts, the outdoors, strong coffee and a robust Pinot Noir.

30 Responses

  1. I have a question and a conundrum- I am fascinated by the sixties, and have written a murder mystery set in 1966, in America, and am at work on another set in 1968 in Vietnam. Is this period considered historical? It sure doesn’t seem contemporary, but there is a quiet buzz of recognition for things like the sound of Buffalo Springfield or Walter Cronkite’s voice. What do you think? Should these stories be marketed as historical or contemporary? And is there a third option? Thanks, Sarah

  2. Fiona and I were discussing this the other day, and I think that we can bend the “normal” rules of the historical novelists society (which are (i believe) nothing post WW2) and go for “40 years ago” which seems nicely historical, just a little post-Wolfenden and of course, a moveable feast as time moves on.

    After all – if I don’t do that, I won’t get my latest WIP reviewed, seeing as how its 1962! And I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s just as hard getting the facts right for 40 years ago as is it for 140.

    Are they gay novels? Do you want us to review them? Be brave now…


  3. I was born in 1962. That makes me “nicely historical”. Thanks! 🙂

    I have a question, too. Is there any type or subgenre of gay historical that doesn’t fall into Speak Its Name guidelines? If someone submitted a story of a man from another planet arriving in ancient Atlantis to stop an evil genius from his homeworld from traveling through time wreaking havoc, but finds himself waylaid by a handsome stranger in 1810 and has to scramble (with handsome stranger at his side, of course) into the future to stop the evil genius from turning WWII into an atom-bomb-fest that will destroy the planet, etc, (not that I’m writing this (g), it’s just an example), would a novel like that be accepted for review? How about if I threw Godzilla, Morgan le Fay, Jesus, and a talking marmot into the mix?

    I’m just curious to know if we draw a line or if we’re line-free. 🙂

  4. I’ve reviewed Vintner’s Luck and House on the Strand, and I think that’s the place to draw the line.

    I had to refuse a shape shifting one in English Civil War America recently and the author was fine about it. There are many places they can have these reviewed, after all.

    The thing is, the way I think about it is that the HISTORY of the book has got to be important – and not just a wallpaper on which to hang the gay story.

    I’m still going to continue to read historicals with a paranormal aspect though, and this may change, depending on how they treat the history.

  5. I’m still going to continue to read historicals with a paranormal aspect though, and this may change, depending on how they treat the history.

    I know it won’t be for a few more months, but will Banshee fit the bill? I wasn’t sure if SiN also reviews historical gay YA fiction.

  6. I know this is gay historical fiction, but would you ever consider reviewing a lesbian romance set during the American Civil War?

  7. Hi K.I.

    Not at the moment, I’m afraid – I just don’t have anyone who is willing to read and review them – which is a shame as I notice on Amazon that there more and more of them springing up and YAY for that. If I can find a group of people who will volunteer for the duty, I’d be more than happy to expand the community up to lesbian. The community is growing and more and more people are reading it, so it can only be a good thing. I’ll do some digging around, ask some questions and come back to you.



  8. Your submission address: erastes at erastes dot net or doesn’t seem to work as an email address, at least for my internet service. what should I do?

  9. Please let me know when you are ready to review lesbian fiction. My paperback is coming out soon!

    Libby Cone

  10. Dear speak it’s name reviews, I have written a novel entitled Rainbow Plantation Blues. It is an historical story of a young South Carolina slave holder in 1850 who grapples with is love and desire for one of his male slaves, Kumi. Please visit my web site to read chapter one, my bio, an interview, etc. If you are interested, I would like to send a hard copy. Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon! Robert L. Sheeley.

  11. Hello Erastes & colleagues,

    I have a 497-page novel titled ‘THE HADRIAN ENIGMA: A Forbidden History’ currently in its final stages of publishing via Lulu.

    It is a fictional account of the relationship of Caesar Hadrian with Antinous in 2ndCent Rome. It develops into a crime/mystery saga while accenting the romance side of things. The novel is very gay-positive and erotically charged, but not pure porn.

    I have a blog under construction visible at This will help promote the work when it’s ready for online retail.

    I would like to send a hard copy of the novel to you for review. Please provide an address for this purpose.

    Best regards,

    George Pugh
    (for author George Gardiner)
    GMP Editions

    • Hi George, We’d love to review it – bear with me for a day or two while I line up a reviewer for you and get you an address – thakn you – and I’ll add the book to The List as soon as it goes live.


  12. Hey Erastes,

    Any chance of getting an anthology reviewed that has seven gay stories, five lesbian ones, and two that are arguably transgender? Or could I just send along the gay bits? I’d rather have the whole book mentioned, even if only the gay ones are reviewed, but I’d take what I could get.

    I’m talking about Time Well Bent: Queer Alternative Histories, from Lethe Press.


  13. The stories are alternate history, very much based in history as we perceive it. They generally deal with the point of divergence rather than its extrapolations in the future, which are clearly implied. A few can be interpreted to have paranormal elements, in times and cultures where that would seem appropriate.

    A few examples: Dale Chase writes of Thomas Jefferson with a male lover, debating with Madison over inserting a “freedom of choice in marriage” clause into the Bill of Rights; Lisabet Sarai amplifies homoerotic hints in “Ruddigore” and changes Gilbert’s life; and Emily Salter imagines the effect on young gay men in and after WWI if Forster had published “Maurice” in time for them to read it.

    The historical aspects are well-researched, as far as I can determine; I checked on parts I wasn’t already familiar with. Still, this is speculative fiction of sorts, and I can quite understand if you think it wouldn’t be appropriate. There’s one story, Simon Sheppard’s “Barbaric Splendor”, that jumps the fence and combines Coleridge’s “Xanadu” with explorations by the Dutch Navy, but most are more firmly grounded in history.

    I don’t imagine this is very helpful, but there it is. I won’t mind at all if you decide that it just doesn’t fit.


  14. Hey Erastes, what about an historical with gay themes and characters but is not a “gay historical?” The latest in my Crispin Guest Medieval Noir series, THE DEMON’S PARCHMENT, has the themes and character, but nothing explicit. Does it qualify? (Wish my gay mystery would qualify, but that won’t be historical for another fifty years. 🙂

    • I certainly reviewed The Alienist which has no gay main characters but had a serial killer killing male whores, so it sounds like it might qualify. Do you have a PDF you could send over?

  15. Erastes, I just finished reading Christmas Wishes by JP Bowie and it takes place in 1922 England. It is a Christmas m/m short story and I liked it. I know a little about that time period but not enough to know if the details are accurate. JP is from England and it seems very realistic to me. I am not, obviously, the author. And if I send it to you, doesn’t that infringe on the copyright laws and only owning 1 copy?

    So…not sure how to frame this request?

  16. Hi Melanie – yes, that would be file sharing – but thank you for the offer and more importantly for asking first!

    I’ll email JP and ask for a review copy – thank you, I’ll add it to The List anyway!

  17. Hello,

    I have a book coming out from Dreamspinner in October that I’d like to have you review, but I’m not entirely sure it meets your criteria. It’s paranormal, the characters are an Angel and a Demon in love despite being on opposite sides of the mounting war between Heaven and Hell. The book is a vignette piece, and each vignette features the characters in a different time period, from the plague to the renaissance to the 1970’s.

    Would I be able to submit this to you once it’s released?

    • Hi, thanks for getting in touch, but I’m sorry, no, we don’t review paranormals – the only exception is ghost stories where the ghost might be subjective. Sorry about that – there are tons of other sites that review paranormals, but we are the only site that reviews pure historicals.

      Good luck with the book!


  18. Hi, Erastes – Just wondering . . . I’d queried your interest in reviewing a 5000+ piece of mine – a genre not usually covered on your site: “Phallic Worship – World Wide and Centuries Long.” It’s certainly historical, but non-fiction. I’d followed it up with the complete piece. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Allen, Sorry, I thought I’d replied to your email, I’ve sent it over to one of our reviewers and she’s reading it now, I would imagine a review will be forthcoming in the new year after the advent calendar is over.

  19. Any interest in a novel that focuses on the imprisonment of Oscar Wilde and the impact this has on a lesbian couple living in a small Nevada ranching town? Takes place in 1895 and draws on his imprisonment throughout the book with each chapter quoting him. It’s gotten a lot of international buzz with all profits going to animal rescue. I’ll give you a couple links fyi and sure do hope it would be of interest for you to review. Thanks! Paulette

  20. Feeling interested in reviews for my latest historical, which I call “winter tales,” beginning to talk of the short stories seasonably now, but having 2 or 3 more, self-published 🙂 My gay-themed mystery Playing White is out this winter
    My gay historical and paranormal adventure Beyond the Silver Threads was out last year

  21. Making a small addition… My novella A Handful of Blossoms is listed among the Best Gay Historical-2012
    Thank you for your website.

  22. Many thanks to Gerry Burnie for his review of my novella. He is a tremendous writer, and his Gerry B’s Book Reviews is a wonderful and helpful place.

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