I’d like to make this a permanent page, and add to the resources as we go along, using information given by others I hope! Gynocrat sent me a wonderful link to Sodomy across the world so that sparked off the idea of having a reference sheet where writers can run to to search for gay historical facts. I won’t bother about general historical facts – I’m sure most people have sites they default to, and I have a huge page HERE so this will be specific to gay historical research.

Please let me know any others to add to this!

Androphile: World history of male love
British Slang (sadly the Slash section is down)
Information regarding the Age of Consent
Homosexuality in Early Modern Europe
Homosexuality in History: A Partially Annotated Bibliography
John Rykener – 14th Century transvestite
The Old Bailey Online: Wonderful resource, court transcripts, sentences relating to many sexual offences
The National Archives (UK)
Polari – the old English Gay Slang. Introduction, Lexicon, history
Rictor Norton’s Site: Essential reading and a huge resource of information, particularly in regard to the 18th Century, but contains links to many other places
Sodomy Laws around the world, including legal history
Timetable for Gay History: Knitting Circle & Wikipedia

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